Transportation of cycle bridges to Purmerend

Posted on 7 March 2014

As requested by Moerland & Dost, Zwatra Transport took care of the transport and most lifting operations of nine prefab cycle bridges in Purmerend. These bridges vary in length from 10 to 21 meters.

The municipality of Purmerend commissioned Moerland & Dost BV for the procurement, supply and installation of these bridges. The bridges were fabricated by the firma Fibercore, located in Rotterdam.

Fibercore Europe’s videoclip above shows the transportation and the installation of the bridges in Purmurend. These bridges vary in their length from 10 to 21 meters and in their width from 2,35 to 4,55 meters. The transportation of two bridges with a size of 21 to 3,95 meters was the most exciting one.

Zwatra took care of the transport, including the required transport assistance and the permits. As an extra service, we also provided the mobile cranes to install the bridges. The smaller and lighter bridges were load and unload by truck mounted cranes from 52 Tm and 105 Tm. The implementation of this project took place from the end of November until the start of December 2013.

Trekker met autolaadkraan

We have worked for Fibercore en Moerland & Dost before. For example, we took care of transport and lifting work for bridges in Krimpen aan den IJssel, Hoorn, Grootenbroek en Kudelstaart. The bridges at Kudelstraat had a size of 15 to 4,90 meters.

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