Special transport

Special transportWhen it comes to transporting special, and often fragile objects, only a specialist can help. Zwatra is the specialist you’re looking  for. Special transport has been in good hands at our family company for many years now. Because of a large and different vehicle fleet, we can transport any kind of special freight. We know like no other that special transport always needs a special approach. Special transport is different every time. Each job is unique, and requires a unique approach and good communication with the client. Zwatra knows everything about special transport and they will take care of everything, from the beginning till the end. That’s not only for the transport itself, but also for the communication with you as a client and good communication with governments and agencies. When we are transporting a heavy load on the road, we obviously don’t want to face unexpected circumstances. As experienced professionals we prepare ourselves and anticipate special transport conditions, so the transportation will go quickly, safe and as economical as possible.

One example is our truck escort, for which we all have in our own management. Zwatra has both supervisors and pilot cars. We have full control over this important part for special transport.

Trust Zwatra for special transport

Our main trademark is that we make things, that aren’t possible for others, possible. In this area we distinguish ourselves in a positive way, and we make sure that you can trust us in handling your transport.

Types of special transport we offer:

It’s possible that your company, at some point in the near future, needs one or more of these services. When you think you may need special transport, it’s always good to be informed by Zwatra Special Transport. Especially by us, because we also take care of planning and permits, and it never hurts to explore the possibilities for special transport at an early stage.

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Modern and sustainable

With special transport it’s also important to look at the future. We believe it’s important to work in a socially, sustainable way, and we’ve noticed that our clients are asking more and more questions about this. Zwatra has a very modern  vehicle fleet ,which complies with the highest standards in terms of environment and sustainability. All these vehicles are equipped with Euro5 engines.  As a result, not only the environment, but also you can take advantage of a modern vehicle fleet which is one step ahead in technology. Normal is not enough for special transport. Old or damaged vehicles are unacceptable for special transport. This would result in a delay  for you as a client, and undermines the added value, which makes us proud. We are perfectionist when it comes to special transport. Something that’s also reflected by our high standards for safety and quality.

Safety and quality

The information above already went about the importance of safety and quality.  One part of this is that all employees of Zwatra heavy transport have all the required certificates and papers. We are specifically talking about VCA and ISO 9001. A piece of paper, no matter how useful and necessary it is, it’s no evidence for safe and competent work. That’s why Zwatra special transport puts emphasis on development and education. With our own knowledge from experience and  theoretical knowledge. We set high standards, so we can proudly say that our own employees are the best in what they do.

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