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Transportation company Zwatra gets the job done

Zwatra, the transportion company from Delft, has been a leader in heavy transport for many years. The transportation company has the right vehicles to transport almost everything. Whether it’s industrial transport, vertical or horizontal transport, the experienced employees from the Zwatra transportation company could take of every challenge. Transportation company Zwatra does all work in accordance to the applicable rules and legislation.

It’s never too heavy or exceptional

Transportation companySince the beginning in 1945, Zwatra specialized itself in exceptional transport and lifting. The extensive verhicle fleet includes:

  • Rigid truck, with a fixed or mobile truck mounted crane
  • Flat bed trailers with the use of tractor units
  • A wide range of curtain sided trailers
  • Tippers with truck mounted cranes

Transportation company

Transportation company Zwatra is therefore fully equipped to carry out professional and efficient exceptional transports. Naturally all vehicles in the fleet are equipped with the right materials to run safely all transports and lifting.

Exceptional transport as one of our main tasks

Zwatra transportation company has materials to, for instance, transport pipes with a length of 42 metres and loads up to 100 tonnes. Especially with transportations of goods with unusual shapes, sizes, or weights, it’s very important to fasten correctly. The drivers of Zwatra transportation company have the right knowledge and experience in securing cargo. They followed various courses and only use straps, chains and tools with excellent quality.

Vertical or horizontal transport

Zwatra Transport provides horizontal and vertical transport by road in the Netherlands, throughout Europe and sometimes outside of Europe. Whether it’s temporary housing, construction, reels, tubes or assemblies that must be transported, Zwatra Transport company can help you. In the field of vertical transport Zwatra Transport meets the criteria of the qualification system of the Vertical Transport Association. If the material of Zwatra turns out not to be enough to get the job done, we work harmonically with other reliable crane companies.

Safety first with pilot cars

Zwatra Transport has certified transport supervisors and also has a number of pilot cars. The experienced transportation supervisors do not only take care of the pilot cars of exceptional transports. They also check the route, and give advice about the planning and the use of the material. During transport, the employees of the pilot cars are to support the driver. Who is therefore able to safely steer the vehicle with special cargo through traffic.

Specialist in industrial relocations

Zwatra Transport sees industrial relocations as projects for which the entire coordination is taken care of. It always starts with applying for the acquired permits. After that, the carriers, project managers, supervisors and riggers take care of every little detail for the move. Thanks to the use of the right materials, such as forklift trucks, mounted cranes, stair runners and tele handlers , Zwatra transportation company takes care of every industrial move from A to Z.

Safe and secure on the road

Transportation company  Zwatra is both ISO 9001 and VCA ** certified and has chosen to work qualitatively and safe. All drivers of Zwatra Transport are in possession of a VCA certificate and have all the acquired certificates and diplomas. Therefore, every transport is in safe hands at Zwatra transportation company. Zwatra Transport uses the latest communication tools and computer systems for administration and planning.

Caring for people and the environment

At Zwatra transportation company, caring for people and the environment has a high priority. Therefore, a lot attention is paid to modern driving and keeping the fuel consumption as low as possible. Most of the trucks are equipped with the modern Euro 5 engines that significantly reduce the emission of harmful substances. The fuel consumption of the trucks is further reduced by the use of automatic transmissions. Feel free to contact us for more information and let your next transportation be taken care of perfectly by Zwatra transportation company.

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