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A life without transport is unimaginable. In most cases, transport is literally vital. That’s the case for both consumers and organizations. There are many different ways of transport, which sometimes requires abnormal loads. When your organization has to transport shapes or materials with a deviating shape, size or weight for example.

Specialist in heavy transport Netherlandstransport Netherlands

Zwatra Heavy Transport is located in Delft and is considered to be a specialized company with long experience in heavy transport. Whether it concerns abnormal loads, horizontal transport, vertical transport, industrial relocations or pilot cars, Zwatra Transport is your partner. For all your transportation Netherlands Zwatra will prove itself to be a professional and reliable partner who will gladly offer the best possible solution based on your specific needs. Because of our extensive vehicle fleet, we are able to arrange almost all kinds of transport. For example, we take care of closed transport Netherlands, heavy transport Netherlands or transport Netherlands with special dimensions.

Transport Netherlands with the highest care

Of course, our vehicle fleet meets all guidelines related to the environment and safety. Due to this, our customers are sure that the transportation of their goods will be carefully conducted. Besides, all our employees have followed the necessary trainings and possess the necessary certificates. Due to this, we proved to serve the best and highest quality transport in the Netherlands. Abnormal loads are a big challenge for many organizations, but Zwatra is specialized in these loads. We have a lot of experience in the arrangement of abnormal loads and are able to execute your abnormal loads in the most efficient way. Therefore, you can outsource your abnormal loads to Zwatra so you can pay attention to other important matters.

An extensive vehicle fleet with experienced drivers

Because of our extensive vehicle fleet, we are able to take care of both vertical and horizontal transport with pipes up to 42 meters. Zwatra Transport has her own vehicles to assist the abnormal loads. Moreover, we own all necessary long term exemptions in The Netherlands as well as abroad. Besides, you can always count on the knowledge, experience and expertise of our drives. They will take care of your cargo and make sure that your cargo will be transported in a good and safe manner.

Experience with all sorts of special transport

Zwatra has a lot of experience and expertise in the field of horizontal transport and vertical transport. Horizontal transport is used to transport for example construction equipment, construction materials, pipes and structures. Our extensive vehicle fleet also includes several tractor units with truck mounted cranes. Due to this, our drivers are able to load and unload without any help.  Moreover, Zwatra Transport owns several telehanders and small taps. Due to this, we offer you the highest convenience and the best service. Zwatra can also take care of your industrial relocations. We take care of the entire project, which starts with a permitting application and ends with delivering and mounting the load at the final destination. We are the perfect partner logistic partner because of the combination of our knowledge, people materials and experience. The last years, Zwatra has completed several industrial transport projects.

Transport safety as priority number one

Safety is our first priority. Therefore, Zwatra works with pilot cars personnel and transport assistance vehicles. Besides the assistance, the drivers also take care of the planning and a route investigation. Because of our knowledge and experience in the field of the escort of abnormal loads, we guarantee a save transport with minimal nuisance for the other drivers. Please contact us and we will discuss allt he options to help your organization!

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