Pilot Cars

If your organization has to do with abnormal loads, it’s essential that your products arrive at the final destination without any damage. Besides, it’s important that the transport of your goods is safe and meets the legal safety requirements as provided by the local authorities.

Of course, the nuisance for other road users should be minimized and their safety should be maximized. Moreover, any obstructions should been taken into account. In most cases, transport assistance is necessary or even required. As a customer, you’re not only responsible for the cargo itself, but you are also responsible for a safety transport. Zwatra doesn’t only take care of the transport itself, but we also provide for the necessary long term permits at home and abroad, as well the necessary experience with occasional exceptions. We are the right organization to provide the pilot cars at abnormal load transport.

transport begeleiding door Zwatra Transport

Abnormal transport with pilot cars assistance at Zwatra Transport

Zwatra Transport is specialized in the transport of extraordinary long, width, high or heavy materials. We own an extensive vehicle fleet which enables us to provide a safe exceptional transport. Zwatra also takes care of the necessary assistance for flat, high and heavy transport. Obviously, a cargo with an extraordinary dimension could be transported without any preparation or assistance.  When we take care of exceptional transport, we also provide planning (because of possible obstacles and the required permits), suitable transport vehicles and transportation assistance. Moreover, our experienced drivers are aware of the rules for exceptional transports.

Always be sure of pilot cars with professional transport supervisors

The skills of the transport supervisors determine the safety of the transport. Because of that, Zwatra always makes use of experienced and well educated transport supervisors who are familiar with the latest rules and safety instructions in the field of transport assistance. All our drivers completed the required courses and have achieved the legally required qualifications.

As prescribed, our transport supervisors and our transport assistance vehicles are always notable and recognizable.  We don’t underestimate the importance of transport assistance, since transport supervisors function as the senses of the driver. By using the latest communication tools, the cargo will arrive at the final destination on time and undamaged. Of course, the nuisance for the traffic will be minimized.

Well begun is half done

After you took care of the vehicle and the transportation assistance, the cargo could be loaded and be transported to the final destination. The transportation assistance will take care of a safety transport. But, they aren’t wizards: problems like a low tunnel, a small bridge and other obstacles along the route couldn’t be solved right away. Another route, including a loss of time and annoyance, might be the only possibility. Because of that, we always take care of a good preparation. We check the route beforehand  and think about all other logistic issues. At Zwatra, we combine preparation, abnormal loads and pilot cars.

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