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machine transport by Zwatra Transport

Zwatra Transport is the experienced specialist you need when it comes to the transportation of heavy or big machines. Machine transports have been in the safe hands of our family business for decades. Zwatra Heavy Transport takes care of machine transport by road for national and international clients. Not only in the Netherlands, but everywhere in Europe and even outside of Europe. Zwatra Transport can transport every type of machine. A machine transport requires a specific approach and is executed in close deliberation with the client. We have an extensive vehicle fleet with a large range of vehicles, both pulling or being pulled, to transport your machine without any risks.

Even the biggest machine is not a problem

An example of horizontal machine transport is the transportation of pile drivers, excavators and cranes. Since most of these machines are exceptionally large and heavy, special vehicles are required for machine transport. The combination of length, height, and weight is very common in horizontal machine transport. Zwatra Transport has a vehicle fleet to transport your machines efficiently. Most vehicles of Zwatra Transport are equipped with a mounted crane, which makes it possible for the driver to load and unload on his own. Thanks to a great variety in vehicles and truck loading cranes, and a lot of options in lifting capacity, it’s possible to use the right vehicles for any machine transport. Zwatra Transport is also the ideal partner for moving metalworking machinery or woodworking machinery.

Your valuable machines are in good hands

machine transport by Zwatra Transport

The Zwatra Transport specialists know exactly what machine transport entails and take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything. This not only means the transportation itself, but also all communications with the government and other agencies. That way we can prevent unexpected circumstances during heavy machine transport. As experienced professionals, we anticipate on circumstances to handle the machine transport in a fast, cost-effective, and safe manner. An example for this is the accompaniment, which is part of our own management. Both qualified supervisors and pilot cars are part of Zwatra Transport. In addition, it is very important to fasten the cargo in the correct way. For lashing machines with ordinary shapes, sizes or weights, our certified drivers have the needed knowledge and experience. This way you are assured that your valuable machines are in safe hands. With an industrial move, you might have many other things to concern about.

Fully certified service for machine transport

Industrial relocations and machine transport are part of our main tasks. That is why you can let Zwatra Transport take full care of your industrial move. We retrieve the machines from their current location and place them on their new location. To support the machine transport, we have fully equipped material vehicles, forklifts of 2.5 to 7 tonnes, a wide range of tools and special made materials for machine transport. Employees of industrial moves frequently assist in assembly- and disassembly work. Safety is also very important when doing machine transport. Thus, a lot of attention is paid to safety. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is also monitored. We do everything to ensure the safety of our valued employees during machine transport. It is for a good reason that we have obtained all required certificates for conducting national and international transports for third parties (NIWO), a safe working certificate (VCA**), an acknowledgement-certificate of VVT and a certificate for quality (ISO-9001).

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