International transport

International transport? Met Zwatra komt u er wel!

Do you need to transport heavy materials? Contact Zwatra Transport and it will be arranged quickly and correct. Zwatra Transport is not only your partner in your country, but also internationally. If you want to have machinery from A to B or building materials, engines or military equipment, with Zwatra you will get it there! Zwatra guarantees a safe international transport, accompanied by experts and professional employees. In our 68 years of existence, we’ve had many happy customers. We also like to offer you a custom solution for international transport.

Please contact Zwatra Transport and discover the many possibilities. You could also read along for more information about our working methodology.

internationaal transport

Industrial relocations

Zwatra is also specialized in international transport for industrial materials. In addition to international transport, Zwatra also takes care of getting the right licenses. Moreover, we provide good care of the placement of the industrial materials. We collect the stuff from their place, and after international transport we place them correctly on their new location. We have the right materials and people to do so. An industrial relocation is for Zwatra more than international transport only, it’s a project that should go well from the beginning till the end.

The right people and materials

Zwatra has the right people for special international transportation. For example, think about project leaders, riggers, transporters and executors. Naturally, they all have the required qualifications and certificates, such as the VCA certificate, and they are trained on a regular basis. Besides that, we also have the right vehicles and materials, like truck-mounted cranes, forklifts, lifting tools, and ramps, so your heavy transport will always be executed correctly.

Well-equipped vehicle fleet

No matter how long, high or heavy your material to transport is, Zwatra takes good care of international transport. To do so, Zwatra has a well-equipped vehicle fleet, as well as the needed pilot cars. We also take care of the required permits. Our truck drivers move special loads on a daily basis, so they are specialized in what they do.

internationaal transport door Zwatra Transport

Abnormal loads perfectly arranged

Do you need international transport for materials with an exceptional height? Zwatra can take care of everything that is needed. We even test the route beforehand so we can map all the obstacles for international transport. For wide transports, our trucks are equipped with special signs and the needed special lights. For heavy international transport, Zwatra has special vehicles that can carry this kind of load. We also check the route beforehand, so we know for sure if bridges and viaducts can carry these heavy vehicles.

Transport with good guidance

Of course, good guidance for your international transport is very important. Zwatra has different kinds of pilot cars and qualified transportation guides. They make sure that the transportation goes well and your load will get to its destination safely. The safety of other people and traffic is also very important off course; we do everything with their safety in mind. The transport guiders check the route beforehand and give advice about the materials that should be used for the international transport.  They are in contact with the truck driver and planning department at all times during the international transport.

Looking out for society and environment

The environment and society are very important for Zwatra. With international transport, we choose the right materials and tools. They should be safe and ergonomic for our employees. For example, we use cars and trucks which are equipped with air-conditioning and ergonomic chairs. Zwatra also tries to keep the fuel consumption of national- and international transport as low as possible. This is how we try to save the environment. In our offices we also save on energy and paper by sending invoices per email.  Safe driving is also an important matter for us.

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