At Zwatra our motto is ‘Transport is not a problem, but a profession’. Because of that, we show that we an important player in the world of transport. We are aware of the fact that there are many kinds of transport. Through years of experience and careful expansion Zwatra now has a particularly versatile vehicle fleet, well-educated employees and an extensive customer base.  Our network grows at a daily basis, and we are very proud of that. Are you looking for a specialist in the world of transport? Please contact us and we will tell you about the possibilities. Perhaps you would like to know more about our services. In that case, please continue reading.

Transport from A to B

You might associate transport with road transport. That’s great, since road transport is one of our specialties. We own an extensive vehicle feet, including tractor trucks, rigid trucks, trailers and low loaders. This means that we have got the right materials for every job! Besides, our well educated transport supervisors take care of the transportation assistance. By using our own transport assistance vehicles and the latest communication tools, we take care of a rapid, safe, efficient transportation from A to B. Our vehicles are equipped with a modern track-and-trace system, which allows us to escort our drivers very well. Besides that, we are always aware of the location of the transport and can assist our drivers at any moment. Whether the transport takes place in the Netherlands, Europe or outside of Europe, we always provide the necessary transportation assistance.

Transport in heavy transport

In most cases, transport can be considered as heavy transport. Because of our extensive vehicle fleet, we have got the right materials for every job. Transportation will be easy! At Zwatra, we combine the benefits of both standardization and specialization. Moreover, we pay much attention to the education of our employees. By additional courses, their knowledge is kept up-to-date and our employees always dispose of the required qualifications.  With this we do not only prevent possible delays – a mortal sin in transport -, but we also guarantee that the transport takes place in a save way.

Applications in exceptional transport

Besides heavy transport, we can also provide exceptional transport. Exceptional transport is one of our core businesses and is related to the transport of cargo with an extraordinary length, width or weight. For example, we are able to transport pipes up to 42 meters or products with a weight up to 100.000 kilo. We ensure that your cargo arrives promptly and on time, by requesting long and short tems waivers from various authorities, so we can always use the road for our transport. The routes are always explored behorehand in order to avoid possible obstacles. Moreover, we take care of transportation assistance to support our drivers.

Zwatra is the all-in-one solution

Transportation always requires a lot of preparation, planning and possible aftercare. Zwatra heavy transport likes to take care of your entire transportation process. Due to our high standards, we always provide an excellent service. Requesting licenses, planning, loading, transportation, unloading and placing the cargo at the right position: Zwatra taks care of everything!

Whether you would like to transport a package from A to B, need exceptional transport or would like us to help with your industrial relocation: we are at your service!

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