Special transport

You want to get your goods from A to B. You also want these goods to get to B safely, quickly and undamaged, because your load is worth money and important to you as an entrepreneur. Any freight is special for Zwatra Heavy Transport: it is our task to execute transportations properly and get the cargo fully intact to the place of destination. This is very important to us. But what if your goods are exceptional in terms of length, width, height or weight, or have reached the maximum weight that may be transported by a transport vehicle? In that case, you can also speak of special cargo for which special transportation is required. Zwatra specializes in special transport of goods that are slightly longer, taller, wider or heavier than the loads you normally see on a truck. Construction machines or tubes; chains or electrical cables; material with excessive dimensions and even ‘The Glass House’, Zwatra takes on any kind of special transport.

special vervoer door Zwatra Transport

Zwatra and special transport

Zwatra is by far the transportation company that has the knowledge of and experience with special transport to take care of your special cargo on various Dutch and European roads, so it’s no problem for us to transport your cargo from A to B quickly. Zwatra also offers solutions for the moment the goods  reach their destination after the special transport, because next to vertical transport Zwatra can also take care of horizontal transport. Your goods can be reloaded immediately. Whatever your needs and wishes are when it comes to special transport, Zwatra can always offer a customized solution within the five main tasks of the company:

Special transport and Zwatra’s vehicle fleet

Special transport stands or begins with the vehicle fleet. For special transport of your goods, because the cargo is different in size or weight than goods that can be loaded onto a normal transport vehicle, Zwatra has an extensive vehicle fleet. If your special transport consists of construction machinery, such as cranes and pile drivers, not any vehicle is qualified for the job. These machines are surely characterized by their size and heaviness. So a vehicle carrying the goods must meet quite some requirements. Zwatra’s fleet has many different vehicles for special transport, a particular combination of length, height, width and weight is no problem. But vehicles for the special transport of chains, electric cables and reels – from 100 kilograms up to 70,000 kilograms and widths from 1 up to 7 meters – can also be found in our vehicle fleet. For special transport of construction materials Zwatra provides trolleys that have their own crane, our drivers can take care of loading and discharging the cargo when there aren’t the right machines for this on the construction site.

Experienced drivers and escorted transport for safe special transport

For special transport it is important that it is done safely and that safety standards for special transport are followed. Possible constraints for road users which are caused by the special transport should be minimized and safety on the road must be guaranteed at all times. For special transport it’s therefore often required to have supervision. For this purpose, Zwatra has qualified pilot cars. Together with our drivers, who know what to look out for with special transport because of good training and experience, and our planners in the office, they ensure, with pilot cars, that any special transport from A to B is driven safely.

For special transport: call us , give us the dimensions and weight, and we drive!

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