Abnormal load

Abnormal transport, exceptional freight: it doesn’t really matter how you call it, Zwatra Transportation is an expert in moving loads with specific dimensions or an extremely high weight. Exceptional transport involves more than you might think. You have to take the following into account:

  • Special trucks which can carry the load
  • The route you have to cover and any possible obstacles
  • deployment of pilot cars
  • Firmly securing the load
  • Necessary exemptions

Zwatra Transportation regulates all matters that come with exceptional transport. We ensure that every shipment, it doesn’t matter how big, long or heavy it is, will arrive safely at its place of destination.

Abnormal load – in all shapes and sizes

Abnormal loadLoads with extreme dimensions do not fit into any truck. We know at Zwatra heavy transport everything. Our fleet includes loaders, tractors, trucks and trailers in all shapes and sizes. for example, we have vehicles with multiple axles. This way we can transport extremely heavy loads up to 100 tons. We also have trailers to fit loads with lengths up to 42 meters, and trailers equipped for extra wide loads. Naturally, our vehicles are equipped with signs and special lighting so that other road users can spot an exceptional transport in time. This way we make sure the transports will be as save as possible for all parties.

Along with a special cargo

Abnormal load should be prepared exceptionally well. It’s not just a matter of choosing the fastest route. Exceptional transport needs to be thought about every kilometer.

  • Does the low-loader fit through that tunnel?
  • Won’t the truck with high freight encounter an overpass?
  • Will the tubes trailer make I through that hairpin?
  • Is this load not too heavy for that bridge?

Zwatra Transportation has years of experience in planning exceptional transport in The Netherlands and abroad. We literally do know all problems and know what to look at. Each route for an abnormal load is explored by us in advance and adjusted as necessary.

Abnormal load with assistance

Exceptional transport requires good guidance. Zwatra Transportation offers expert guidance: trained personnel that drives in special cars. While underway, the transport guidance ensures that the transport will go as quickly and smoothly as possible. A few core functions:

  • Identify other road users in time
  • Controlling traffic if necessary
  • Communicate with both the driver and the planning department at the office
  • Assisting with any complications on the road or during loading / unloading

The transport assistance is indispensable for abnormal loads.

Abnormal load: safety first

Cargo with such extraordinary proportions must of course be well secured. Zwatra Transport always puts safety first. Our drivers are experts when it comes to cargo security. They possess the knowledge and experience required, and regularly attend courses on this subject. In addition, our vehicles for exceptional transport are all equipped with all the modern fuse materials. The load will be anchored using the latest techniques so it can be transported safely.

Special transport, exceptional measures

Sometimes roads temporary need to be closed for exceptional, or other extraordinary measures must be taken to get the cargo at the place of destination. This must be carefully prepared. Often there are exemptions in order to obtain these measures for each other. Zwatra Transport has long term permits for many routes in Holland and abroad, and also ensures occasional exceptions where necessary.

Abnormal loads, the most natural thing in the world

A special job for one, is the most normal one for others. Zwatra transports loads of abnormal dimensions since 1945, and knows all about the world of transportation. Exceptional transport is the most natural thing in the world for us. Would you like to have more information about abnormal loads? Call us any time for advice.

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