Placing a stainless steel staircase at metro station Kralingse Zoom

Posted on 4 July 2013

On behalf of Rovasta Roestvrijstaal from Bleiswijk (, Zwatra Transport arranged the transportation of a stainless steel staircase to the metro station ‘Kralingse Zoom’ in Rotterdam.

RET (the metro company of Rotterdam) gave contractor Breijer the order to revitalize the metro – and bus station Kralingse Zoom in Rotterdam. This project included the placement of a new staircase at the entrance of the metro station. This staircase was made out of stainless steel and included terrazzo steps with heating and LED lighting.

Contractor Breijer gave Rovasta, located in Bleiswijk, the order to create this extra special, stainless steel, outdoors staircase.

The staircase, with a weight of 6.5 tonnes, needed to be placed at night to minimize the nuisance for travelers and to guarantee their safety.

In the night of June 30th, Zwatra transported the staircase from Bleiswijk to Kralingse Zoom. At the metro station, the staircase was placed using a tractor with a 105 tm crane.
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