New heavy transport tractor unit for Zwatra

Posted on 4 July 2013

As strong as … A rhino. Due to the sponsorship agreement with Dierentuin Blijdorp, Zwatra Transport, located in Delft, had the opportunity to name the new born rhino. That was quite appropriate because of our specialization in large, exceptional and heavy transport.

Recently, we bought a new muscleman, a Scania R 620 10×4*6 MNB. This is a round air suspension tractor unit including five axis, which enables the tractor to transport train weights up to 165.000 kilograms. It’s a very impressive appearance, including a stainless steel box construction and eight-cylinder engine.

New heavy transport tractor unitThe new Scania five axle contains a liftable second and fifth axis. The tractor unit features a 900-liter diesel tank. The storage boxes on the heavy transport buck offer lots of storage. The beam for the crossing of the mast is adjustable in height and the special Scania CR19 Lowroof roof is slanted by the firm Dubbeldam / Groeneweg from Zwijndrecht. Due to this, the roof is even lower and the transport opportunities are better. The cab suspension is switched off and the air has a lowered ride height. The structure of this tractor unit is powered by the Scania workshop in Waddinxveen.

Zwatra will use the new five axle to make maximum use of the train weights combined with low loaders. They could use up to 165.00 kilograms for the heavy transports. Because of the slide dish, the vehicle is adjustable for different lengths of low loaders, dollies and trainer necks.

Zwartra Transport’s impressive Scania R 620 10×4*6MNB five axis heavy transport tractor unit: as strong as a rhino.

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