ISO 9001 and VCA**

Posted on 14 March 2014

In February 2014, TüV Netherlands audited the QSHE (Quality – Safety – Health – Environment) system of Zwatra transport. The auditors of TüV Netherlands assessed the QSHE system, according to ISO 9001 and VCA **. The results were positive and the certificates were awarded.

Zwatra Transport is certified according to NEN-EN-ISO 9001 since April 2005, and also meets  the norms of 2008. Since 2005, Zwatra Transport is yearly VCA** certified too. An accredited authority checks  the  procedures every year, and  Zwatra chose TüV Netherlands for the job.  The QSHE system should be completely audited every three years, in addition to the annual audits. 2014 was not any different for Zwatra Transport. It’s always exciting, even though we know that the organization works according to the right procedures and regulations.

The whole audit went well, and at the end of the test,  all auditors indicated that Zwatra would be nominated for a recertification.

You can download our new certificates at

Besides the ISO 9001 and VCA ** certificates , Zwatra also has the certificate that’s part of the VVT -qualification system, given by the ‘Union of Vertical Transport’ (Vereniging voor Verticaal Transport: the Dutch association for vertical transport).

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