Exceptional transport of a 20m x 6m access platform

Posted on 4 September 2013

Exceptional transportIn order of Ampelmann (www.ampelmann.nl), Zwartra Transport took care of the exceptional transport of a platform. This platform with a size of 20 meters by 6 meter, and was moved from Rotterdam to Schiedam.

Ampelmann is a young company, arisen from the Technical University of Delft. Based on the Ampelmann principle the organization developed a unique system which increases the safety in the offshore sector.

Because of the width of the platform, we used a trucker with a euro low bed. The platform was already loaded in the afternoon and departed at 9 pm. The trucker was accompanied by two supervisors.

Exceptional transportExceptional transport

The specialist from Zwatra explored the route prior to requesting the occasional licenses. The licenses were given by the RDW (Rijk Dienst Wegverkeer – the organization which is responsible for the registration of vehicles and driving licenses in the Netherlands), which paid attention to the construction work at the A16-A15-A20-A4 and the local roads.

At the last part of the transport, there were several challenges. Thanks to the craftsmanship  and experience of our employees, the transport arrived safely at the place of destination.


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