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Baby rhino

Zwatra Transport and their employees are part of the society and want to take responsibility for their choices. The physical and mental condition of the employees is an important principle of Zwatra’s management. Much attention is paid to safety, working conditions and ergonomics. You can see this in the materials and tools we work with.

For example, many  trucks are provided with comfortable seats, automatic transmission, air conditioning, state-conditioning and a state-heater to improve the ergonomics. These tools help the truck driver to conduct his work in a concentrated and optimal environment. Save for the truck driver, but certainly also for the other road drivers.

Also the staff’s health is one of the primary priorities of the organization. Zwatra has an active assistance of absenteeism and sick employees. This policy is implemented using professional organizations and Zwatra also regularly participates in pilot projects such as “Grip on absenteeism” and “Safety-conscious company.”

Not only the health of the employees of Zwatra is important, but also caring for the environment is an important aspect.  Zwatra Transport pays much attention to the modern drive to reduce fuel consumption. Our drivers participate in training courses that focus on many facets of driving an articulated truck. Fuel consumption, damage prevention and safety are key aspects in these courses.

Additionally Zwatra follows developments in the market, and most of the trucks are now equipped with the modern Euro5 and Euro6 engines that reduce the emission of harmful substances.

Since 2011, some of the cars in the vehicle fleet of Zwatra are equipped with a combustion system in which LPG and diesel are combined. The purpose of this system is to reduce diesel consumption by employing cleaner LPG.

Within the Zwatra Transport housing, the company took a number of measures to reduce energy consumption. This includes the use of more efficient lighting and energy by applying twilight and motion sensors.

The last couple of years, Zwatra has invested a lot in automation. In this, efficiency and effectiveness of course alwayshas  been important, but also the desire to minimize the use of paper (paperless office) has been a part of this automation. Our invoices can be sent electronically when the client whishes so, and Zwatra encourages suppliers to send their invoices electronically to Zwatra. Less paper and less impact on the environment is the result.

Zwatra Transport also supports a number of social goals and the company sponsors various organizations and events, sometimes financially, but also by conducting operations and activities.

For example, Zwatra Transport takes part in the animal adoption program “Stick out your paw for Blijdorp” to support the Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam. Within this program, Zwatra adopted a rhino. First the male rhino ‘Fanindra’, but after his departure to a zoo in France Zwatra Transport adopted baby rhino ‘Zwatra’.

Last, but not least, Zwatra employees regularly attend disability truck journeys, using Zwatra Transport materials in amongst others The Hague, Woerden and Berkel & Rodenrijs.

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