Vertical transport

Zwatra Transport not only provides solution with horizontal transport, but also with vertical transport. With the use of mounted cranes and tools from the Industrial Relocations group, Zwatra Transport can handle all kinds of lifting. When needed, our specialists have the right expertise for using cranes.

Zwatra transport has an extensive vehicle fleet with mounted cranes, in different sizes and lengths. All employees of Zwatra have the required papers for lifting with cranes.

Zwatra proved meeting all the criteria of the qualification system of the VVT (Vertical Transport Association) and participates in a continuous process of implementing new developments and improvements concerning safety and our profession within the organization. This qualification system tests if our work is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations for crane rental and safety criteria gathered from the safety manual of the VVT.

40 drivers and employees of the Industrial Removals group are in the possession of the TCVT (Monitoring Certificate Vertical Transport) diploma.

Monitoring Certificate Vertical Transport is an initiative from all organizations that operate in the world of vertical transport. TCVT aims at improving safety at lifting operations and related activities. TCVT is the contact for certification of safe vertical transport. TCVT ensures that the certification is done right and that the security in vertical transport increases. TVCT  sets standards (schemes)  for testing machines and for the professional competence (personal certification) of drivers. TCVT performs its activities based on a covenant with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW). Drivers who operate lifting operations with a workload of 10tm or more,  must have a TCVT certificate based on the ‘Working Conditions Legislation’. This certificate is valid for a maximum of 5 years, only if the drivers participate in two trainings days within those 5 years. After that, the drivers can recertify under certain conditions.

Our cars are also equipped with the needed tools, which fully meet the legal guidelines.

In addition to mounted cranes, Zwatra also has telehandlers  and small cranes with which our specialized employees can take care of all kinds of vertical transport.

If Zwatra’s material is not enough to get the job done, we work perfectly together with other crane companies to deliver safe and good work for our customers.

Herewith, it is important for our customers to have a single contact for the combination of horizontal and vertical transport. Short communication lines contribute to a quick and safe execution of the project.

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