Pilot cars

Zwatra has its own qualified transportation supervisors and pilot cars at its disposal for providing transport assistance. In addition to driving pilot cars for abnormal loads, these experienced supervisors conduct research on the transport route and advise planning on how and with what materials certain transports can be performed.

When exceptional goods are transported, pilot cars are essential. Heavy transport is always accompanied by one or several pilot cars for the safety of other traffic. The drivers of our pilot cars have completed the proper training and are also in the possession of the documents that are required by law. Both the transportation assistant and the pilot car are recognizable in accordance with the rules inflicted by law.

Zwatra Transport has a proven record in the field of assistance for different kinds of transports. Whether it’s horizontal transport or vertical transport, exceptional heavy transport or a combination of these kinds of transport, the pilot car’s driver has a lot of knowledge and experience and will take care of a safe transport.

During the transport, the pilot car functions as an extension of the truck driver. The assistant helps the driver to drive safely through the traffic and to bring his load to the final loading or unloading location. During the transport, the driver is connected to the pilot car by using the latest and required communication tools. Moreover, the driver has a onboard computer which allows him to communicate with our planning department in Delft.

Zwatra Transport has a well-established relationship with other domestic and foreign companies that are specialized in transportation assistance. As a result, we are always able to hire extra materials or manpower.

During the transport, the pilot car will always attempt to minimize the nuisance for other traffic. Naturally, safety is always priority number one.

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