Abnormal loads

Abnormal loads

Abnormal loads are one of the main services of Zwatra Transport from Delft. Due to our extensive vehicle fleet we take care of transports which are characterized by length, width, height and weight.

We own many vehicles which enable us to perform abnormal loads. We can for example transport tubes up to 42 meters. These transports are carried out with the necessary pilot cars which are owned by Zwatra.

You can also contact Zwatra for vertical transport. We will take care of all barriers which are encountered on the way. Therefore, we explore all of the routes for abnormal loads well in advance. Of course, we also take care of the required permits.

Furthermore, vertical transport is performed on a daily basis by Zwatra. Our vehicles include the required width signs and lighting.

To perform heavy transports, Zwatra offers a range of vehicles that can transport loads up to 100 tons. To spread the axle load, our vehicles have several axes. For example,  Zwatra transport has access to 5-axle tractor units with 3 bed 5 low loaders.

For conducting abnormal loads, Zwatra disposes of the required long term exemptions in both the Netherlands and abroad. Besides that, we request incidental exemptions at national and international authorities on a daily basis.

It is always important to secure the load, but this is extremely important when the materials are of particular shapes, dimensions and weights. Therefore, our drivers’ knowledge and experience are essential. Moreover, our drivers possess of all necessary lashing materials like straps and chains. In addition, our drivers and planners take courses regarding lashing.

Abnormal loads by road are characterized by the necessary pilot cars and the mandatory lighting and signal lamps. Of course, our drivers are aware of the fact that abnormal loads cause temporary road closures and delays. But, due to their knowledge and experience, the nuisance will be minimal.

In many cases the length, width, height and weight of abnormal loads exceed the common sizes that can be transported by a standard vehicle. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the accessibility of the road. For example, we have take into account the dimensions of underpasses, obstacles and weight restrictions at bridges and viaducts. This requires a lot of preparation, knowledge and experience of both the planner, supervisor and driver. Moreover, our vehicles have to meet strict requirements. If necessary, Zwatra prepares the transports and inspects the routes and locations beforehand.


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