Sustainable enterprising is one of the key points of our company. Our new investments are always based on new techniques for environment & energy saving,  society, ergonomics & safety or sustainability.

For instance, our cars are equipped with Euro5 engines, and where possible, equipped with Euro6 engines. This reduces the harmful emissions to an absolute minimum. The fuel consumption of the cars is further reduced by using automated gearboxes. The safety is enhanced by using so called intarders.

Zwatra Transport wants to create a nice home for her employees. For our enthusiastic team of motivated and skilled employees, we are still a true family company. Because of that and mutual trust, we can carry out satisfying work for our customers.

One aspect that concerns us as a transport company, but also as a part of the economic society, is the mobility and accessibility of large parts of our country, especially in the west. Using new planning techniques, more flexible work times  and close deliberation with our employers, we try to find solutions which contribute to a better flow and mobility.

Co2 achievement-ladder

Taking social responsibility and the wishes of many customers in consideration, Zwatra Transport has decided to get certified by the CO2 achievement-ladder. Zwatra made a program with her advisor Nedcon which helped Zwatra to successfully finish the audit for the CO2 achievement-ladder level 3 on April 2nd.

So, Zwatra Transport has the CO2-awareness certificate level 3 since April 2014. More information can be found at

Our goal is to reduce the energy consumption in 5 years, whereby the CO2 emissions in ton per driven km, counted from the reference year 2013, is reduced by 4%, as recorded in the energy regulations.

To achieve this goal, initiatives from management but certainly also from the employees of Zwatra, are researched and, if possible, implemented. This applies to every day work, projects and also supply chain initiatives and pilot projects.

Zwatra BV has an energy management program  drawn up in the form of a manual, in accordance with the European standard EN 16001, which defines the structure cycle for continuous improvement of energy efficiency in the procedures.

These procedures are arranged in the structure of the four angles of the CO2 performance ladder.

  • A. Analyzing, understanding of CO2 emissions
  • B. Saving, reduction of CO2 and the ambition to which we commit ourselves
  • C. Communication, how we communicate internal and external
  • D. Joining, and collaborations in the area of CO2 reduction

To increase the energy awareness of employees, and to inform and encourage, all relevant data is placed on the intranet of Zwatra.

The communication objective is two-sided. First, we want to tell our employees, and other interested parties, about our energy reduction policy, the current CO2 footprint and reduction targets. Secondly, we want to encourage our employees, and other interested parties, to participate actively in the energy reduction. We made a communication plan for this.

CO2 –footprint

2010 4,272 tonnes of CO2
2011 3,673 tonnes of CO2
2012 3,692 tonnes of CO2
2013 4,011 tonnes of CO2 (base year)
2014 4.920 tonnes of CO2

Internally, the information is communicated via the newsletter, the intranet and the toolboxes. External parties are notified about our reduction targets and progress through the website. The website has a link listed to SKAO foundation. The annual reporting of CO footprint and current emission inventory is of course also available.

Furthermore, we are searching for participation in sector- or chain initiatives for our clients with a level 4 or 5 CO2 –awareness certification.


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