Quality, reliability, competence and continuity are all important pillars on which Zwatra is built. In cooperation between employees of the various departments and disciplines within Zwatra Transport, but also with our customers and suppliers, these concepts form the daily practice.

The processes within Zwatra aim to carry out the tasks in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the clients, which of course takes into account the legal requirements and regulations.

Zwatra Transport’s KVGM system has been certified according the NEN-EN-ISO-9001:2008 standard, and thus meets the international requirements in terms of quality, safety, health and environment.

The operational staff Zwatra all have a VCA certificate while the operational manager possesses the VCA diploma. Zwatra Transport has been shown to have a VCA system for realizing security controls in accordance with the VCA guidelines ** (2208 / 5.1) and is VCA88 certified.

Zwatra Transport pays a lot of attention to the education of their employees. Of course, this is done in the context of the skills of the professional driver under Code 95. But besides the courses for the professional competence, the employees also take part in courses and trainings. This gives employees the required certificates and diplomas, and they also have sufficient training to carry out their work.

All resources used by Zwatra Transport for transporting and lifting goods are inspected and tested in accordance with the directives, laws and standards. This in combination with the certified and experienced staff ensures that your goods are in safe hands.

The employees of Zwatra Transportation have all the required personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety shoes, helmets and goggles. In addition, the employees have clothing that is not only comfortable to carry out the work, but it also provides visibility and safety. This is partly because of the clearly visible color and reflective stripes.

Our drivers are not only our business card, they are also yours.

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