We would like to tell you briefly about the history of Zwatra Transport.

Below you will see a schematic representation of the key moments in the history of Zwatra Transport.



In 1945, the family Kroes founded the company in Rotterdam. In her first couple of years the company was located in the Zwaanshals in Rotterdam north.


As a result of the company’s growth as well as the increasing length of the trucks, Zwatra moved to the Spaansepolder, an industrial area northwest of Rotterdam.

Meanwhile, the company was taken over by Til Kroes, the son of the founder, who also was in charge of the company’s daily management.


Take overs for MBI

In charge of Til Kroes, the company continued growing, partly because of a number of takeovers.

In 1996 Zwatra took over the company Den Hoed Delft. After this takeover, the decision was made to move the entire company to their recent building, located at Schieweg 14 in Delft.

Subsequently Zwatra acquired Baartmans & van de Water Transport in 2001, and integrated it in their own company.

In 2005 Zwatra took over Penske Construct and replaced into Zwatra’s sister organization Zwatra Construct BV. This company was also housed in Zwatra’s building in Delft. As of January 1st, this activity got fully integrated into the Zwatra Transport organization.



In early 2006, owner and director Til Kroes decided to start orientating about a possible sale of the company. He wanted to step away from the daily management within 2-3 years, so he decided to sell the company.

This orientation led to the actual sale of the company on December 21st, 2006, through the transfer of the Arvo Group BV shares to a newly created company, Arvo Group BV. The company was especially created for this purpose, and the shares are in possession of Antea Participations and Ruud Egas Beheer.

After the transfer Ruud Egas took over the company’s daily management and the Management Buy In was completed.


After 60 years, this takeover ended the involvement of the Kroes family with the company.

Takeovers after MBI

After the Management Buy In Arvo Group realized a couple of other acquisitions.

Van den Bogerd Transport

On May 1st, 2008 Van Den Bogerds heavy transport department was taken over. With this takeover Zwatra strengthened its position in heavy transport. In the acquisition of this activity 14 trucks and 15 employees got taken over and integrated directly into Zwatra.



P. van ’t Wout

As of January 1st, 2011, Zwatra took over part of the transport activities of P. van ‘t Wout Waddinxveen foundation techniques. With this acquisition Zwatra integrated the activity, and four trucks and one employee into their organization.

P. van ’t Wout

DDM Transport

On February 24th 2014, Zwatra Transport took over the activities of DDM Transport, located in De Meern. A total of 25 employees, 21 trucks and 31 trailers were acquired. The activities were integrated directly into the Zwatra Transport organization. The material remains stationed in De Meern.

DDM transport

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