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Zwatra Transport started as a company in Rotterdam, but moved to Delft many years ago, where it has been located ever since.  Zwatra Transport takes care of horizontal, vertical and abnormal loads, industrial relocations and machine transport.

All activities are controlled from our headquarters in Delft. To carry out these activities in a quick and efficient manner, Zwatra Transport has a team of enthusiastic and skilled employees and a great selection of materials.

The organization has a flat organizational structure which is characterized by short lines of communication.

Below we will briefly look back at our history and the milestones we achieved in recent years.

Besides having an extensive vehicle fleet, many tools, modern materials and skilled employees, Zwatra also has modern means of communication and computer systems.

An integrated ERP system is used for planning and for financial administration, and all computers are placed in the “cloud”. We communicate with our drivers by on-board computers and mobile phones.

Zwatra has all certificates that are needed for carrying out national and international transport for third parties (NIWO), a certification for quality (ISO-9001), a certification for working safely (VCA**), an acknowledgement certification from VVT (the Dutch association of vertical transport) and a CO2-awareness certification.

You can download these certifications, as well as our terms and conditions.


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