Birth of rhino Zwatra

Posted on 3 November 2012

Last Friday, the zookeepers already knew that the birth of the baby rhino was about to happen. Mother Namasta was behaving different than usual, she was restless and didn’t want to eat. As a precaution, they kept her inside. She got her first contractions at 4 pm. After a few exiting hours, the baby rhino was born at 3.02 at night. The baby is quite a tough girl: she could stand on her own feet within half an hour and already drank her first milk.

Baby rhino

At 3.05 am, the Zoo called to tell us the little rhino was born. We drove straight to Blijdorp to see the small creature. The picture above was taken around 4 am.

The past week, a lot of people asked me about the name of the little rhino. All these times I didn’t give an answer. But now, we are proudly to say that the rhino was given the name Zwatra.

Baby rhino

Namaste and Zwatra
Picture: Rob Doolaard/Diergaarde Blijdorp

A lot of fans watched the birth live using the webcam via, and were talking about it on Facebook and Twitter. It’s still possible to view the rhino via the webcam. But, you can also visit Diergaarde Blijdorp and see the rhino in real life.

Baby Zwatra wasn’t her mother Namasta’s first. She already gave birth to four sons and two daughters.

Baby rhino

Picture Rob Doolaard/Diergaarde Blijdorp

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