Zwatra has taken over DDM Transport activities

Posted on 17 February 2014

Zwatra from Delft has taken over the heavy transport activities of DDM from De Meern. The transport activities of DDM vary from replacing construction trailers and the transportation of heavy piling rigs, to the special (accompanied or not) transport of large equipment.

The acquisition by Zwatra concerns 21 trucks and 30 trailers. 25 employees that worked at DDM Transport have joined Zwatra. The takeover fits in our planned increase. The customer base,  vehicle fleet and location of DDM Transport perfectly matched with the activities of Zwatra.  Zwatra now has a second location in the middle of the country, located next to its own company in Delft.

Zwatra is a company specialized in heavy transport and has many years of experience. With a wide range of vehicles and experienced employees,  Zwatra  Transport takes care of the transportation of many kinds of heavy transport for an extensive clientele in various sectors (chemical, offshore, construction and cable companies). Since the foundation of Zwatra Transport in 1945, they specialized in performing heavy transport. Exceptional transport is our daily job.

After the takeover, Zwatra has 65 towing vehicles, over 100 trailers and 96 employees. Zwatra is a member of the investment company Antea Participations in The Hague.

DDM can now fully focus on their own core business. DDM is a specialist in dismantling and moving entire factories, including the removal of asbestos and other contaminated materials.

The headquarters of DDM is located in De Meern. There are also companies in Den Helder, Germany [3], Belgium, France and Asia. DDM is an internationally active group with about 200 employees.

DDM focuses on the (petro) chemical, offshore, power generation, automotive, and (civil) industry. The projects, which can take days or several years, are done all over the world. In this market, DDM belongs in the top 10 (Europe) and top 50(world-wide).

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