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Road transport by Zwatra TransportNowadays there are many forms of transport: by road, ship, rail or plane. Each of these forms of transport has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. But, if we look at transport in Europe, it is striking that road transport is still the number one choice in European countries. There are good reasons for this: transport of goods by road is a lot more flexible and therefore sometimes faster than, for example transport by plane (if a truck is loaded, it can quickly hit the road without much delay); geographically you can get very far by road (where the railtrack ends, the roads go further); and road transport is also a great option because of its price compared with expensive cargo flights. The road takes you almost anywhere – quickly, on time and safely – especially if you choose a company with years of experience specializing in heavy road transport that in addition has an excellent vehicle fleet: Zwatra Heavy Transport.

Road transport with the materials of Zwatra Transport

Zwatra specializes in abnormal loads transport by road. For heavy, open or closed road transport and transport of goods by road which are characterized by their exceptional length, width, height or weight,  Zwatra has a vehicle fleet that is perfectly equipped for transporting loads that vary in shape or weight from standard transports that can be transported by road. All heavy transport trucks, but also the pilot cars that are required for abnormal loads road transport, include a logo and a notable colour, so they are noticeable for other road users during road transport. Also, a lot of attention is paid to aspects that have to do with safety, the environment and ergonomics when it comes to purchasing equipment. During road transport, the trolleys can be tracked online, because they are equipped with a track-and-trace system. This is made possible with an on-board computer, which also enables the driver to remain in contact with the road transport planners at the office for route information and the job status. Most of the vehicles also include a mounted crane for loading and unloading after the road transport, so it can be handled easily and quickly.

Road transport by the staff of Zwatra Transport

For road transport, just like for all other forms of transportation, it’s very important that your cargo reaches its destination as quickly as possible and undamaged. In addition, it is important that other road users experience as little inconvenience as possible and that their safety is not unnecessarily placed at risk. After all, the roads are not for freight only. Zwatra doesn’t only invest in professional equipment, but also in experienced and skilled employees. They are the ones that are the observers during and prior to the road transport, and have to watch out for accidents that can occur. All employees who are employed by Zwatra have received appropriate training and own all required certificates. For example, for a  road transport with a load with special dimensions, it’s important that the driver has all the required knowledge and experience for securing the load, but also has knowledge of lighting, signal lights and road closures that are caused by the road transport. Therefore, all drivers take different kinds of  courses about lashing. All drivers are also supported by planners and transportation supervisors who often accompany abnormal loads road transports to ensure safety. They have followed all the necessary training as well and have all the required certificates.

For heavy transport you choose Zwatra Transport

Not only the staff but also Zwatra itself as a company, has all the necessary licenses and certificates. Your road transport is always in safe and capable hands at Zwatra!

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