Horizontal transport

Zwatra Transport takes care of horizontal transport for both national and international customers. Whether we have to transport machinery, building materials, temporary housing, chains, reels, tubes or constructions, we are up for any kind of horizontal transport. We arrange horizontal transport in the Netherlands, all over Europe and sometimes even outside of Europe.

Due to our wide and extensive vehicle fleet, we have many different kinds of vehicles available. We own both pulling and pulled vehicles which enables us to arrange horizontal transport in a fast, safe and good way.

We are able to transport many types of building machines, like pile drivers, cranes and excavators. In most cases, these are rather large and heavy machines which require special vehicles in order to be transported. The combination of higth, width and weight is very common in horizontal transport of construction equipment. Zwatra has access to a diverse vehicle fleet which enables us to carry out these horizontal transports in an efficient and save way.

Examples of horizontal transport of building machinery are pile drivers, cranes or excavators. Again, these are large and heavy machinery which require special vehicles. Most of our vehicles are equipped with a mounted crane, which enables drivers to load and unload independently. That’s an important advantage, since most construction sites don’t facilitate in loading and unloading. Our wide range of vehicles and mounted cranes, with a large variation in lifting capacities, enables us to use the right materials for transportation to or from the site.

Furthermore, Zwatra Transport has many years of expertise in the field of horizontal transport of temporary housing, for which we have the right materials available. In recent years, Zwatra moved and placed many units within the Netherlands and Europe. For example, we transported units for building projects and (pop)festivals, but we also transported complete temporary or semi-permanent buildings for schooling, offices and building projects. Moreover, we took care of extraordinary projects like “Het Glazenhuis” of radio station 3FM and a concert of the Belgian popgroup “K3”.

Zwatra has been transporting reels with steel cables and power cables for many years now. Big and small, light and heavy. A small reel, for example, weighs around a few hundred kilo’s, whereas a large reel weighs around 70.000 kilo. The dimensions can vary heavily as well. A small reel has a width of less than one meter, whereas a large reel could have a width around seven meters. Zwatra transports these reels all over Europe without any problems.

Our horizontal transport services also include the transportation of  several constructions such as materials used for shipping, offshore, standard dimensions and exceptional dimensions in the Netherlands and far abroad.

Zwatra also arranges dedicated time deliveries all over the world. When necessary, the vehicles are loaded by one group of drivers and driven by other group of drivers. In that case, the vehicles are manned by two drivers at a time. In this way we arrive on site as quickly as possible, while taking into account all of the legal driving and rest periodes. In this manner Zwatra has arranged many kinds of horizontal transport for both national and international customers.

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